Un Celebration

October 25, 2019

The 25th of October 2019, Friday marked the GIS observance of the importance of the United Nations. This important event was celebrated so that our learners will also be aware of the objectives of the creation of the United Nations, which is mainly focused on promoting world peace, and developing friendly relations among nations on the basis of equality, and self-determination.

The highlights of the activity included the Parade of different costumes of the learners with the flags of the countries they represented. The countries represented were United Kingdom, Zambia, USA, Lebanon, Chile, India, Australia, Portugal, Angola, and Egypt.

To amplify the essence of the UN Celebration, the Parents prepared certain delicacies from the country represented by their children, and later on were shared with everyone. It was indeed a special event where the learners, the parents, and the teachers first had their get-together.